Easy Ecom Successes wants to ensure that people can have a successful lifestyle business that they can run from anywhere and enjoy making money anytime.
We Love eCommerce
ECommerce is the best lifestyle business. You can run it from anywhere. No need to dress to go to work. work in your pjs
You can do business in any country even if you do not live there. You may need to get some professional help to make sure your taxes are done correctly and all the legal work is in place but it is pretty easy.
You can market anything you like and thanks to drop shipping you can send anything to anyone anywhere without you carrying any inventory or worrying about shipping and handling! Gotta Love Drop Shipping.
Without the expense of inventory and the time trap of shipping and handling, store owners can focus on marketing. Getting your brand out there and known is critical if you want to succeed.
Instagram has a super responsive audience so it is important to learn some of the basics of Instagram marketing like how to use Influencers in your market place to help you grow quickly. There are two keys: one identifies the influencers and second note the hashtags they use, and use them as well. Then, of course, it is about your content and video is key!
In addition to Instagram, you need a Facebook page for your brand and a Facebook group to get close to your closest followers and reward them for helping to build your brand and your empire. You also need a way to be able to capture the names and emails of people who interact and pick up your offers. Messenger Chatbots can really be helpful and then an email program so you can email people on a regular basis will be important.
As you grow and prosper you will need a Youtube channel, a Pinterest account so you can grow your boards and people can love your products and then there may be other social media accounts that are critical to your success.
A ready stream of videos with links so people can go and buy your products are the heart of this process and Facebook ads utilizing the same will truly help to get your business off the ground quickly.
Get Your STORE on Shopify
Shopify has become the platform for people to successfully start with e-commerce and grow quickly to huge success. Shopify smoothes out so many of the issues that business owners face in other platforms. Just the easy connectivity to payment processors like Stripe and Paypal is easy to set up.
At the moment Shopify is trying to work out a way that merchants on the platform will be able to compete with Amazon’s 2 Day delivery promise. Here in February 2020 that is not quite in place but just imagine that possibilities that open.
Get the FREE GETTING STARTED Checklist from Shopify
Shopify has a FREE Getting Started Checklist Set up your free consultation to see how we can help you get started and we’ll get you that checklist and review it with you when we talk.
That is a no-obligation 1-hour consultation to help you get your e-commerce career started the right way or perhaps you’ll decide it is not for you and that is fine too, We can help you with Plans to Do It All Yourself or we can lend a helping hand.